About the blog

This is a blog that I hope to be able to keep consistently. I plan to use it largely to be a way of reflecting on cool math / cs stuff that I am learning in classes in school, in doing random research, and in discussions with friends. I also plan to share a little bit of thoughts behind the process behind these things e.g. process of understanding a certain result or doing some research. I enjoy sharing what I learn, and find that I learn a lot by sharing. Sometimes when I'm swamped with work and stumped by various problems its easy to forget how cool and beautiful math is. I hope that this blog can serve as a reminder that math is awesome! Don't forget.

About the author

Creator of theland, alternate titles include "the crooked prover", "Alex", "teacher wan" and "insane". The author likes pizza, randomized algorithms, parallel algorithms, neat combinatorics, potential functions, graph algorithms, cache oblivious algorithms, kung fu panda, #00ffff, getting lost, and high entropy. See website for more details: awestover.github.io